Challenges in Intercultural Marriages

I just read an excellent article on obstacles for partners in intercultural marriages. The author is Christine Benlafquih. This article is SO true of the obstacles my husband and I had. If you are thinking about marrying a person from a culture or country foreign to your own, I strongly recommend reading this article. I […]

Driver’s License for Foreign Spouse

My husband had so many problems in getting a driver’s license. First, he tried to apply for a driver’s license while on a B2 visa here, which was legal. However, when he went to DMV to do this, the workers there yelled at him for trying to apply. He waited to try again after he […]

American and Foreign Driving Styles

My Foreign Husband’s Driving Used to Terrify MeMy husband is now a very good and safe driver. But MY GOSH it used to scare me to get into the car with him. I remember actually thinking that we might get divorced over his driving. He drove how people drive in his country. Here, that got […]