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Immigration & Visa Questions

Immigration lawyers can be costly, but there is a site called JustAnswer.com where you can ask an immigration attorney questions–and pay by question rather than a complete filing process fee that some immigration attorneys offer. So there is a cost, but hopefully it is affordable for those of you who need expert advice but can’t pay for a complete immigration package. To ask your question, you may use the box below.

Please note: This box leads to JustAnswer.com–this site is separate from IMarriedAnAlien.com. That site has enlisted numerous experts in various fields, including immigration attorneys. There is nearly always someone online to answer questions, and they are carefully screened for expertise. As always, please use your best judgement as to whether or not you take the advice of the professional you are matched with! I’m not an attorney, just a blogger who also married a foreigner and scoured the internet for every inexpensive or free resource I could find.

I feel an attorney on the website JustAnswer could have really helped me when we figured out the immigration process for my husband and visa invitation process for my husband’s family members–but it wasn’t around back them. I hope this is helpful to my readers! It can be very frustrating to try and navigate all of the immigration laws as you do the paperwork for your fiancee or spouse in the United States–hopefully this is a way to relieve some of the stress. Best of luck finding the answers to all of your visa and immigration questions.

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