Language Jobs

Intercultural relationships, like all relationships, are often impacted by finances. International dating and marriage almost always involve one partner, or both, learning to permanently or temporarily function in new surroundings. If a partner also is learning a new language–and has to function in this language as well as find a job using the new language–job searches can be challenging. The good news is that these days, there are many resources online, both for seasoned, fluent speakers, as well as those with limited language skills. Here is a site that has many jobs in various languages in the USA. Some of them require little knowledge of English:

Foreign Language Jobs
On this site, you can find jobs requiring these languages:

Note for job seekers in the USA who are beginners in English language: Many ladies who have limited English proficiency automatically search for nanny jobs or jobs in restaurants. Many males with limited English skills often search for jobs in physical labor or construction. There is certainly nothing wrong with these positions, especially if they help to finance and build the foundation for a wonderful relationship and marriage! However, remember that there are jobs other than store and construction jobs that might be available. Finally, keep in mind that language learning does happen over time! As long as you earnestly put in effort to practice–especially speaking and listening in the beginning). It finally happened for my spouse, who really didn’t like learning and studying languages, and it will happen for yours!