When my husband and I were married in 1999, I wanted to find a site about intercultural or international marriage. All of my friends were married to people from the same country. All of my coworkers were married to people from the same country. In my family, a few relatives had married foreigners, but that was back in the 1950’s, so their experience was very, very different from mine. Back in that time, for example, it was almost unheard of to raise children speaking two languages. So my very own grandmother who spoke Spanish and French before immigrating to the US and learning English (in her 20’s), often reprimanded me for supporting two languages in my home! URG.

  • I needed immigration advice. Eventually I found great discussion boards and did all of our immigration work using them.
  • I wanted to meet and read about other people married to spouses from a different country. I couldn’t find very many, and even when I did, there was only a mention of them. No tips on overcoming obstacles, what their biggest surprises were, or potential obstacles my husband and I might face in our marriage.
  • I also wanted to learn whether my issues (and my husband’s) were the same as other people’s. But because all of my friends were married to people from their same culture, their issues were often different. For example, their husbands could write their own resume. Their husbands knew how to use an ATM. Their husbands could do lots of things that I had to help my husband learn. I wanted to talk to other people like us.

So, I have created this site for myself. Ha ha. Just joking. I have created this site for other people embarking upon international or intercultural marriage. I’ve learned, as with any other marriage, if you find the wrong person, things might be hard. But if you find the right one, you are in for an exciting and eye-opening future together!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find something useful, inspiring, or comforting here.